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Internal Security: May 3, 2012

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The Tel-Aviv District Court recently approved a compensation agreement, according to which the state will pay 1.2 million NIS to the family of convict Mohammed Ashkar, who was killed in Ketziot Prison during a surprise search, meant in part to “boost the morale” of the prison service’s Metzada unit members.  Following the approval of the agreement, the State Prosecutor’s office decided to close the investigation of the prison guards for their involvement in what turned out to be a prisoner riot resulting in 1 dead prisoner, 15 injured prisoners, and 15 injured prison guards.  The State agreed to pay the above mentioned sum – to the parents, wife and little son of Ashkar – while stating that it was being done in the framework of a compromise, and without admitting responsibility for the incidence.

(Hebrew - Haaretz)

Political: April 21, 2012‎

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Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe “Bogie” Yaalon (Likud), said that evacuating the Ulpana neighborhood in the West Bank settlement of Beit El may lead to the dissolution of the government coalition. “We have said that we must not remove the neighborhood,” said Yaalon. “This is a neighborhood of 15 buildings with six apartments in each building, of completely normative people, and all of a sudden they are being told off because a Palestinian claimed the land belongs to him.” The High Court ruled that the state must evacuate the neighborhood by May 1, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the State Prosecutor’s Office to examine whether a motion could be made to the High Court to further delay the evacuation order.

Police: 7 December, 2010

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Simon Perry, former deputy police liaison in the United States, has accused Commissioner Yohanan Dannino (who has been tapped as next General Commissioner of the Police, of having prevented the arrest and prosecution of  Yitzchak and Meir Abergil. Perry sent a letter to the State Ombudsman and to the Counsel to the Government in which he demanded that a full investigation be held into a complaint that he filed two years ago about the Dannino case.  (Hebrew)