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Education: May 17, 2011

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State Comptroller, Micha Lindenstrauss, states in his annual report that the ultra-orthodox sector of the education system discriminates against students of Mizrachi descend. The report states that, among other issues, high schools for girls in the ultra-orthodox sector have quota for students from Sefaradi families. Although the Ministry of Education in 2006 directed 60 ultra-Orthodox schools to change some of the admission rules, the rules were not changed, and the Ministry did not follow up on the directions.

Education: 29 December, 2010

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Twenty ultra-orthodox (haredi) high school students from Bnei Brak have not been going to school since the beginning of the year. Their parents claim that the “Ashkenazi” seminar schools are refusing to admit them. There are three central seminars which the parents claim to be operating quotas of Sephardic girls: the Wolf Seminar, The Beit Yaakov Seminar (headed by Rabbi Meir), and the Beit Yaakov Seminar (headed by Rabbi Kahane). (Hebrew)