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Closed Society: 18 August 2010

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East Jerusalem is short hundreds of classrooms, and registration to local schools is done on a first come, first serve basis. School administrators are adding classrooms in windowless bomb shelters and inside homes, to cope with the lack of classrooms.

The Jewish Agency gave NIS 374,857 in 2009 to Im Tirzu, a political movement. These funds had been originally donated by an American evangelical movement, Christians United For Israel, and the Jewish Agency merely served as the funnel, for the purpose of making these donations tax deductible. It should be noted that the Jewish Agency permits only donation for non-political organizations, and only pre-designated donations.

The President of the Tel Aviv University, Professor Joseph Klafter, said that he had received the report by the Zionist Strategy Institute complaining about a post-Zionist slant in the sociology department, from the Director of the Council for Higher Education. He says “the Council and the Planning and Budget Committee should not deliver universities mail from any marginal group, neither on the right nor on the left.”