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Military and Security Forces: 12 November, 2010

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The Israeli army expelled two foreign, left-wing activists from Bir Zeyt, claiming that they had not asked for a residence pass. The order under which they were expelled, last updated in 1970, states that people who do not reside in the Occupied Palestinian Territories are only permitted to apply for a 48-hour residence pass. The Israeli army also uses the order to expel Palestinians who moved to the West Bank from the Gaza Strip, but admits that it has not issued a single residence permit for the Occupied Palestinian Territories since 1970, and that it does not expel settlers for violation of the order.  (Hebrew)

Police: 8 November, 2010

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Piras Alziadana, Border Patrol policeman, is accused along with a civilian of robbing 15 laborers at the Rahat Industrial Zone. The two are charged with robbery, aggravated assault, sexual misconduct, and abuse of official powers (Hebrew).