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Internal Security: July 14, 2012‎

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Ta’ayush activists claim that even when complaints are backed up by photographs, the Judea and Samaria police do not pursue investigations against settlers. For example, the Judea and Samaria police announced that for lack of evidence, it was closing a complaint against two settlers for trespassing and damaging a car belonging to a Palestinian Susya resident. The incident was recorded on video and the names of the alleged attackers are known.

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July 14th, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Closed Society: January 6, 2012

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During a discussion at the Knesset’s Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee on law enforcement in the occupied territories, Commander Haim Rahamim, head of the investigations and intelligence wing of the Judea and Samaria Police District in the West Bank, said that 228 incidents of attacks against security forces by right-wing activists were recorded in the past year in the West Bank – not including verbal threats – and that dozens of mosques were torched.  65 indictments were served against right-wing activists for assault and vandalism, and 10 people were arrested for mosque torching, but they were released without an indictment beings served.  According to Rahamim, the police “has a problem with gathering evidence due to the locations where the crimes are committed.”