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Economy and Society: December 25, 2012

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The house of Faiz Abu-Hamra, a resident of Segev Shalom, was demolished by the Israel Land Authority, even though it was built with the agreement of the Ministry of Construction and Housing’s Authority for the Regulation of Bedouin Settlements and the approval of the court.

(Hebrew – Na Le’Akir website)

Military and Security Forces: December 4, 2012

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Following a petition by the ‘Regavim’ organization to the High Court for Justice, Civil Administration bulldozers demolished a mosque in the Palestinian village of al Mufaqarah, near the settlement of Avigail in the South Hebron Hills.

(Hebrew – HaKol HaYehudi)

Judiciary: February 1‎‏6‏‎, 2012‎

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The High Court of Justice approved the IDF decision to demolish part of the home of Qassem al-Mughrabi. In 2008 Al-Mughrabi ran his car into a group of soldiers and civilians standing on a traffic island in the center of Jerusalem. He was fatally shot during the incident.


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February 16th, 2012 at 2:42 pm