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Closed Society: 11 December, 2010

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The rabbis of Rosh Haayin – including chief municipal rabbi Azarya Basis, call upon business owners in town not to employ Arab men alongside Jewish young women, for fear of assimilation. The rabbis threatened to call for a boycott of businesses who fail to live up to this directive. (Hebrew)

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December 13th, 2010 at 12:04 am

Closed Society: 7 December, 2010

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Over the past few weeks, dozens of municipal rabbis signed a rabbinical verdict prohibiting the rental of apartments to Arabs. Politicians active in the orthodox Zionist stream have started to sign rabbis onto the statement on this issue in order to lower the number of apartments rented to Arabs and to prevent Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the Chief Rabbi of Safad, who has already prohibited the rental of apartments to non-Jews. The politicians hope that since dozens of municipal rabbis, all of whom receive salaries from the state, have joined the call, the State Prosecutor will understand that the position is a principled one, deriving from Jewish religious law (halacha), and that legal and criminal measures cannot be used against these rabbis. The letter was signed by the following  municipal rabbis, among others: Yaakov Edelstein of Ramat Hasharon, Yosef Sheinen of Ashdod, Moshe Hevelin of Qiryat Gat, David Wolfa of Rishon LeZion, Avraham Margalit of Carmiel, Zion Suderi of Gedera, Shmuel David of Afula, Simcha Hacohen of Rehovot, Azarya Basis of Rosh Hayain, Yitzchak Yaakobovitch of Herzliya, Yeshayahu Meitles of Nahariya, Yeshaya Herzl of Nazareth Illit, David Sedaka of Pardes Hannah, and Avraham Ohayun of Ofakim. (Hebrew, English)