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Internal Security: January 12, 2012‎

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A detective and an intelligence coordinator in the Ayalon district Police (center of Israel) were indicted in the Petach Tikva court for a conspiracy to commit a crime, breaking and entering into a residence, theft, breach of trust, obstructing justice and illegal possession of weapons. The indictment states that the two police officers were appointed to secure a criminal collaborating with the police as an informant. During this period the two are claimed to have conspired to break into the apartment of the father-in-law of one of the officers and steal the content of a safe box. The officers, together with two other criminals, are charged with stealing €46,000, ₤586, jewelery and a gun.


Judiciary: December 29, 2011‎

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The Be’er Sheva District Court Judge Eliyahu Bitan sentenced four former Border Police officers, convicted of aggravated assault against six Bedouins who lived in Eilat, to community service and probation. The judge explained that border police officers should be treated like soldiers rather than police officers.

(More details in Hebrew)