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Closed Society: February 13, 2013‎

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Tel Aviv Councilman Benny Babayof, a member of the Shas party, demanded that a video issued by municipality featuring two men holding hands will be revoked. The video was posted on the municipality’s website, various media outlets and social networks.

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February 13th, 2013 at 12:46 pm

Closed Society: 9 December, 2010

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Approximately 150 people took part in a conference held yesterday in the South Tel Aviv Qiryat Shalom neighborhood protesting the government’s impotence in handing the refugee problem. Rabbi Michael Aravov, who lives in the neighborhood, said “there is no place in the world where refugees have human rights and residents to not.” Another resident said that “the first rain will be here soon, the sewage will overflow, and all of the diseases the Africans brought with them will float up.” City Council member Binyamin Babayof (Shas) called on residents to refrain from renting apartments to refugees. (Hebrew)