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Internal Security: November 17,2011‎

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Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge, Haim Liran, cancelled the indictment of a Jerusalem district policeman who was charged with a series of sexual harassmnet incidents because in similar and more serious cases the state asked for disciplinary proceedings, rather than criminal indictment. During the trial it was revealed that the Internal Investigations Division has no written procedures regarding which cases are brought before the court and which are submitted to disciplinary action.



Judiciary: 10 November, 2010

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Supreme Court Justice Hannan Meltzer hinted that former President Katzav could be cleared of the criminal charges pending against him under an abuse of process defense if it is determined that the State Prosecution exacerbated the charges against him in order to overcome problems due to the statute of limitations. (Hebrew)

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November 10th, 2010 at 2:56 am