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This page collects terms that can help one understand Slope posts without much prior familiarity with Israel. The list will expand with time – if there’s a term you think we should add, use a comment to let us know.

  • Civil Administration – the administrative body that governs the occupied territories. It is part of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), which in turn is a unit of the Defense Ministry.
  • East Jerusalem – a large area unilaterally annexed to the Jerusalem municipality in 1967. Not all of it is historically part of the city, and not all of it is geographically to the east of West Jerusalem. Wikipedia
  • Haredi; plural Haredis, Haredim – ultra-orthodox Jew(ish). Wikipedia
  • High Court of Justice (HCJ) – one of the roles of the Supreme Court, in which it primarily adjudicates matters such as the legality of State decisions and the constitutionality of Knesset laws. Wikipedia
  • Hilltop Youth – nationalist-religious youth groups associated with and sometimes involved in illegal Israeli settlement on the West Bank (i.e. outposts, see below). Wikipedia
  • IDF (Israel Defense Force) – the Israeli military.
  • Knesset – the Israeli parliament. Comprises of 120 Members of Knesset (MKs) elected in the general elections. The Prime Minister is typically the #1 candidate of the biggest party, although sometimes the head of a smaller party may manage to create a bigger coalition, as in the case of Benjamin Netanyahu’s current coalition (his Likud won one seat less than opposition leader Tzipi Livni’s party, Kadima).
    • MK – Member of Knesset
  • National service – A civilian alternative to the mandatory military service.
  • Settlement – an Israeli Jewish community on land that was not part of Israel before 1967, i.e. on occupied land.
    • Outpost – A settlement considered illegal under Israel law. (Outposts lack some of the government services the State of Israel provides settlements, though even outposts usually receive Israeli military protection, and often some infrastructure.)
  • Shin Bet (a.k.a Shabak, General Security Service, GSS, Israel Security Agency, ISA) – Israel’s internal security service, part of the Israeli intelligence community. Wikipedia
  • Yeshiva – Jewish religious school, usually for men only.
    • Hesder – an Israeli program which combines Yeshiva studies with military service in the Israel Defense Forces. Wikipedia


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