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Closed Society: 21 November, 2010

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Knesset Members Moshe Gaffney and Uri Makleve (Yahadut Hatora) received hate mail this afternoon, in envelopes which they claimed contained a white powder. The letter said, among other things, “stop sucking our blood, take your household goods and streimel hats and skedadle to Brooklyn.” It further said, that “if you keep on blackmailing budgets on our account you will pay a heavy price; we will fight you physically, not only in demonstrations. You will feel the Lose Weight Exercise of our arms on your bodies and on your synagogues, we will make your lives miserable and attack you in your cities and in your neighborhoods. Signed, Price Tag.” (Hebrew)

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Written by dena

November 21st, 2010 at 7:15 pm